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RICS Standards nach denen die SPG Intercity Zurich AG arbeitet:
SPG Intercity Zurich AG ist durch das RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) akkreditiert und verpflichtet sich die Standards für Immobilienmaklergesellschaften und Maklerdienstleistungen (REABG) einzuhalten. Die in der REABG enthaltenen Leitlinien sorgen dafür, dass sämtliche Aufträge objektiv, professionell und nach internationalen Standards durchgeführt werden. Dieser Verhaltenskodex verpflichtet die SPG Intercity Zurich AG und deren Mitarbeiter zu folgendem:
  1. To conduct business in an honest, fair, transparent and professional manner.
  2. To carry out work with due skill, care and diligence, and ensure that any staff employed have the necessary skills to carry out their tasks.
  3. To ensure that clients are provided with terms of engagement which are fair and clear. These should meet all legal requirements and relevant codes of practice including reference to complaints-handling procedures and, where it exists, an appropriate redress scheme.
  4. To do the utmost to avoid conflicts of interest and, where they do arise, to deal with them openly, fairly and promptly.
  5. Not to discriminate unfairly in any dealings.
  6. In all dealings with clients, to ensure that all communications (both financial and non-financial subject matters) are fair, clear, timely and transparent.
  7. To ensure that all advertising and marketing material is honest, decent and truthful.
  8. To ensure that all client money is held separately from other monies in appropriately designated accounts and is covered by adequate insurance.
  9. To have adequate and appropriate professional indemnity insurance or equivalent in place that complies with the RICS Rules of Conduct. Having proper cover is a key part of managing your risk.
  10. To ensure that it is made clear to all parties with whom you are dealing the scope of your obligations to each party.
  11. Where provided as part of the service, to give a realistic assessment of the likely selling, buying or rental price, associated cost of occupancy or of the likely financial outcome of any issues, using best professional judgment.
  12. To ensure that all meetings, inspections and viewings are carried out in accordance with the client’s lawful and reasonable wishes, having due regard for the security and personal safety of all parties.
Den vollständigen Verhaltenskodex können Sie hier herunterladen:

Leitfaden für Immobilienagenturen und Maklerleistungen (Kurzversion Deutsch)